7th Award for Journalism on Technological Research & Innovation

The aim of the award is to encourage the work of media professionals (press, media, television and internet) who promote and disseminate knowledge of research, innovation and technology development with the public.

Topics of the projects presented:

1Sustainable Development.

2Health and Life Quality of Individuals.

3Conservation of Natural Resources.

4Competitiveness and Technological Development.

5The Digitised Society.

2014 Edition Award Winners

Journalism Prize – 7th Edition

View the video summary of the awards ceremony and photo album of the 7th TECNALIA Journalism Award.


Print Media Category Prize

Ms Elena de Arrieta Palacio, for her article “Nuevas tecnologías, la clave para redefinir la economía” (“New Technologies – the key to redefining the economy”), published in the financial newspaper EXPANSIÓN, on 16 May 2013.

According to the author, digitalisation in Spain would help to reduce the high unemployment rate, increase the amount of skilled employment and gain efficiency and productivity.

She also explains the keys of six countries that are an international benchmark in several fields relating to R&D, business competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

The Jury especially mentioned that the article is well researched, well written and extremely interesting. It is easy to read and contains relevant information for business readers. It stresses the importance of R&D&I in business competitiveness and in financial and social development.

Radio Category Prize

Mr Manuel Hernández Hurtado, Manolo H.H., for his feature “I+D+i para el cambio de modelo productivo” (“R&D&I to change the production model”), broadcast on the programme España Vuelta y Vuelta, on the Spanish National Radio, on 24 October 2013.

The feature, which was made in TECNALIA’s facilities, stresses the need in Spain to change its production model and achieve more added value and a more competitive model.

It also travels to universities such as Carlos III, research centres such as BTI and CSIC, and companies such as Elecnor, to show success stories that encourage this change.

The Jury highlighted the fact that the feature has achieved the goal of showing society the importance of R&D&I in order to change the production model. Furthermore, as it moves to different places, it is entertaining, accurate and easy to understand, as well as innovative.

Television Category Prize

Elhuyar, for the programme “TEKNOPOLIS”, which is on every week on ETB1 in Basque and on ETB2 in Spanish.

TEKNOPOLIS has been going for 15 years now. From the outset it has managed to maintain and strengthen its position on the two main Basque public TV channels.

It has always kept its name and essence: to promote science and technology with the aim of showing the work that is being carried out in research and development, with scientific rigour.

The Jury considered that this programme deserves this prize in recognition of its work promoting science and technology in the Basque Country, and its journalistic quality when dealing with the different topics.

Internet Category Prize

Mr Angelo Attanasio and Mr Jerónimo Giorgi, for their article “Derribando el muro digital” (“Bridging the Digital Divide”), published on the website www.elperiodico.com on 16 March 2014.

It is a journalistic project that is made up of three stories. Each one tells a symbolic story about bridging the digital divide in one country: India, Uruguay and Egypt respectively.

The stories are about the stages in the life-cycle of an ideal computer: birth (hardware), application (software) and death and rebirth (recycling).

The Jury especially valued the fact that it is an example of the most human view of Technology in three different countries, using scrollytelling, a very innovative and attractive format.

Special Mentions for

Print Media Category – Special Mention

D. Antonio Villarreal, for his article “Vinos con I+D en la sangre” (“Wines with R&D in their blood”), published in VOCENTO’s INNOVA+ supplement on 30 October 2013.

Four Spanish wine-producers, who do not hesitate to invest in research in order to achieve product excellence, share their experiences.

Centuries ago, yeast was used to ferment grapes and make wine, and this was a prime example of innovation. Now, wine-producers use cutting-edge technology to keep the tradition alive.

The Jury has highlighted that it is a well-written article with a good title and an excellent layout, which makes it attractive and useful to read.

Radio Category – Special Mention

Mr Andrés Goñi, for his feature “Robótica para la Sanidad” (“Robotics in Healthcare”), broadcast on the programme Graffiti, on Radio Euskadi, on 7 May 2014.

This feature explains the robotic system developed by a group of Basque cooperatives. This system enables, amongst many other things, the automation of chemotherapy, thus reducing the danger to patients and medical specialists in the fight against cancer.

This weekly programme has been running for three seasons and aims to promote the Basque industry and businesses, regardless of their size, sector or global presence.

The Jury has highlighted that this feature is a good example of the promotion of the “Made in Euskadi” concept, which is helping to generate wealth and employment through Innovation and Technology.

Television Category – Special Mention

The team consisting of Pilar Requena, Óscar Martínez, Jesús Paris y Stella Rodríguez for their story “Mujeres de la Luz” (“Women of Light”), broadcast on the programme EN PORTADA on TVE La 2, on 31 October 2013.

The programme’s team travels to India to discover the work of the NGO Barefoot College, which trains women in rural villages as solar energy engineers.

These women live and are trained in a small and remote village in India, so they can install, maintain and repair solar panels and storage batteries, in order to get power for their homes.

The Jury considered that this story offers a very human view of “Technology”, and raises awareness of the importance of training and technological development in very rural environments.

Internet Category – Special Mention

Ms Marta Palomo de Udaeta, for her article “Cuerpos de impresión” (“Printing Bodies”), published on the website www.agenciasinc.es on 4 April 2013.

Although they are far from manufacturing hearts, kidneys or livers “à la carte”, scientists are constantly experimenting with 3D organ and tissue printers, from blood vessels to ears.

In this case, scientists at Oxford University have succeeded in printing a material that behaves like real tissue and that is able to respond to stimuli and communicate like neurons do.

The Jury especially valued the fact that this article explains in a simple way news that is very relevant in the international field of science and technology, and shows how it contributes to society.

The Jury

The Prize Jury, for this VII Edition will be made up of prestigious representatives of the business, academic, technological and journalism fields:


  • Mr. Pedro Luis Uriarte, President of Economy, Enterprise, Strategy


  • Mr. Joseba Jauregizar, Managing Director of TECNALIA


  • Mr. Javier Ormazabal, President of TECNALIA.
  • Mr. José Mª Echarri, Honorary Chairman of the Corporación Tecnológica TECNALIA.
  • Mr. Iñaki Goirizelaia, Chancellor of the University of the Basque Country UPV-EHU.
  • Mr. Txema Villate, Managing Director of Innobasque.
  • Mr. Iñaki Aretxabaleta, Managing Director of Business of Vocento.
  • Mr. José Ignacio Arrieta, President of the Basque Association of Engineering and Consultancy Firms (AVIC).
  • Mr. Antonio Calvo, President of the Spanish Association of Science Communication (AECC).
  • Mr. Javier García de la Vega, President of the Association of Economic Information Journalists (APIE).
  • Ms. Elsa González, President of the Association Federation of Journalists of Spain (FAPE).