Journalism Award 2002 (1st Edition)

Winners 2002 Edition

1st Journalism Award


Pedro Guillén Carranza, for a fabulous article entitled “Irlanda; el tigre celta”, published in E.comm magazine, which faithfully represents the spirit of the award’s slogan: “From Industrial Economy to Digital Society” and which includes all the qualities of scientific-technical dissemination, and is entertaining to read for the general public and rich in contents for more technical readers.


Igor Galo Anza for “De los incunables al e-book”, published in Literatura Infantil y Juvenil magazine.

Álex Fernández Muerza for “Guía básica de sitios web sobre divulgación científica” published on iblnews.

Special mention

Alfontso Mujika and Lontzo Sainz for “Programa Teknopolis” broadcast by channels ETB1 (in Basque) and ETB2 (in Spanish).

Mónica López for the special story “1 mes después de los atentados” broadcast on COMRadio (in Catalan).


The jury, made up of prestigious figures from the business, academic, technology and journalism world, is the following:


  • Mr. José Manuel Alonso
    Chairman of the Asociación de Periodistas de Bizkaia (APB)


  • Mr. Antonio Bardasco
    Marketing Director at ROBOTIKER-Tecnalia


  • Mr. Manuel Calvo, Chairman of the Asociación de Periodismo Científico (AEPC).
  • Mr. Miguel Ormaetxea, Secretary of the Asociación de Periodistas de Información Económica (APIE).
  • Mr. José Ignacio Arrieta, Chairman of MBN.
  • Mr. Jesús Ángel Bravo, Managing Director of SOFTEC and Chairman of GAIA.
  • Mr. Javier Muniozguren, Director of the Engineering School of Bilbao.
  • Mr. José Antonio López Egaña, Managing Director of ROBOTIKER-Tecnalia.