Journalism Award 2006 (3rd Edition)

Winners 2006 Edition

3rd Journalism Award


Mr. Roberto Sánchez, for his fantastic programme entitled “Tecnópolis”, broadcast by Canal TV, which faithfully represents the spirit of the award, with the topic “New Technologies for Progress, Welfare and Sustainability”, and which includes all the qualities of scientific-technical dissemination, and is entertaining to read for the general public and rich in contents for more technical readers.


Mr. Beñat Kortabarria, for his work “Teknopolis”, broadcast by Elhuyar-ETB.

Mr. Carles Molina, for his article “I+D+i”, published in the newspaper 5 días.

Special mention

Mr. Abraham Alonso, for his article “El imperio de lo pequeño. Nanotecnología” (The Empire of Small Things. Nanotechnology), published in Muy Interesante magazine, for his ongoing work promoting and disseminating technological innovation with the public.


The jury, made up of prestigious figures from the business, academic, technology and journalism world, is the following:


  • Mr. José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín
    Chairman of Fundación COTEC


  • Mr. Luis Irazabal
    Managing Director of TECNALIA Corporación Tecnológica


  • Mr. José Mª Echarri, Chairman of TECNALIA, Corporación Tecnológica.
  • Mr. Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias, Rector of UPV/EHU.
  • Mr. Iñaki Aretxabaleta, Managing Director of Grupo Vocento.
  • Mr. Manuel Toharia, Honorary Chairman of the Asociación de Periodismo Científico (AEPC).
  • Mr. Xavier Gil Pecharromán, Secretary of the Asociación Española de Información Económica (APIE).
  • Mr. José Ignacio Arrieta, Chairman of AVIC.