Journalism Award 2008 (4th Edition)

Winners 2008 Edition

4th Journalism Award


Mr. Baltasar Montaño, for his fantastic article on “¿Cuánto cuesta un kilowatio?…según como se produzca” (What’s the price of a kilowatt?…depends on how it is produced), published in El Mundo newspaper’s Sunday financial supplement Mercados, on 20 January 2008.

– It takes us through the long journey of electricity to consumers’ homes, it shows comparative costs of megawatts and it shares different forms of production, in an entertaining, informative and graphic way.

– The Jury highlighted that Baltasar Montaño “includes all the qualities of scientific-technical dissemination, and is entertaining to read for the general public and rich in contents for more technical readers.


Mr. Ignacio A. Castillo, for the section “The Brains of the UMA”, published weekly in “La Opinión de Málaga”. The section shares the practical applications of the result of research by the groups and teams in the different departments in Málaga University.

Mr. Lontzo Sainz, representing the team of “Multimedia Special on Climate Change”, broadcast by the Euskal Irrati Telebista information channel:

Special mention

Mr. Gonzalo Estefanía, for a story on how technology helps blind people, broadcast o the Metropolitan Area Programme of the radio station Punto Radio.

Ms. Arantza Lezamiz, for the “Science Notes” radio slot, broadcast on the programme “La mañana en Bizkaia” on COPE Bilbao. This 15-minute weekly slot shares the research and innovation work that is being carried out in the Basque Country.


The jury, made up of prestigious figures from the business, academic, technology and journalism world, is the following:


  • Mr. José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín
    Chairman of Fundación COTEC


  • Mr. Joseba Jauregizar
    Managing Director of TECNALIA Corporación Tecnológica


  • Mr. José Mª Echarri, Chairman of TECNALIA.
  • Mr. Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias, Rector of UPV/EHU.
  • Mr. Iñaki Aretxabaleta, Managing Director of Grupo Vocento.
  • Mr. Juan Tena, General Secretary of the Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica (AECC).
  • Mr. Xavier Gil Pecharromán, Secretary of the Asociación Española de Información Económica (APIE).
  • Mr. José Ignacio Arrieta, Chairman of AVIC.
  • Mr. Txema Villate, Managing Director of Innobasque.


The 4th edition of the TECNALIA Journalism Award was supported the Basque Country’s HEDATU Programme.

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