Journalism Award 2010 (5th Edition)

The aim of the award is to encourage the work of media professionals (press, media, television and internet) who promote and disseminate knowledge of research, innovation and technology development with the public.

Topics of the projects presented:

1Examples of Innovation in processes and/or products.

2New technologies for progress, welfare and sustainability.

3Competitiveness, technology and cooperation networks.

Winners 2010 Edition

5th Journalism Award

Written Media Category Award

Ms. María Pilar Perla and Mr. Francisco Javier Mateos, for their fantastic article entitled “Año Europeo de la Creatividad y la Innovación. Bienvenidos a un Jardín de Ideas” (The European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Welcome to a Garden of Ideas), published in the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper’s Science supplement, Tercer Milenio, on 10 March 2009.

The answer to an innovative question is developed in this article: “Can a child’s idea inspire a R&D line?”. The basic premise is that if the seeds for this fantastic idea are sown in the garden of brave and creative scientists, educators, publishers and technologists, adaptations of the child’s idea start to sprout towards a possible future project.

The Jury highlighted “the innovative nature of the article and its outstanding contribution compared to the rest of articles, and it is also entertaining for the general public”.

Radio and Television Category Award

To the team made up of Mr. José Manuel Albelda, Ms. Mercedes Vivanco, Mr. José Frutos and Ms. Virginia Moreno, for the marvellous story “A spare body”, broadcast on the programme Treinta Minutos on TELEMADRID, on 17 May 2010.

“A spare body” covers the history of the main landmarks of medicine, research in transplants, and the science of prostheses: from the first face transplants to Rafael, the latest patient in Seville.

The Jury highlighted that the story “includes all the qualities of scientific-technical dissemination, and is entertaining to read for the general public and rich in contents for more technical readers.

Internet Category Award

To the team made up of Mr. Jordi Aguilera, Mr. Antonio Novella and Mr. Rubén García, for their fantastic “Blog Espai Internet” hosted by the news portal, belonging to the Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales.

Espai Internet was broadcast for the first time in April 2007, with a series of weekly recommendations on web sites, blogs, and internet in general. Because of its nature, the blog welcomes questions, comments, opinions and contributions from viewers/users. This way they enrich the section by offering different points of view and there is constant feedback for the audience, thus generating new topics, more links, and better information.

The Jury especially appreciated that “this project is an example of how the barriers between traditional media area being broken down, and the trend towards technological convergence is being stressed, while making the most of the opportunities given by internet”.

Special mentions

– Ms. Aloña Velasco, director and presenter of the “Ciencia y Universidad” section, broadcast on the programme “A vivir que son dos días Euskadi”, on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 2 pm on Cadena SER.

– Mr. Félix Ares, scientific adviser for Kutxa Espacio de la Ciencia en San Sebastián and researcher and collaborator in the aforementioned “Ciencia y Universidad” section.

The Jury considered that this project stands out because it informs about research in the Basque Country, using educational methods and language adapted to the radio.


The jury, made up of prestigious figures from the business, academic, technology and journalism world, is the following:


  • Mr. José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín Chairman of Fundación COTEC


  • Mr. Joseba Jauregizar Managing Director of TECNALIA


  • Mr. José Mª Echarri, Chairman of Corporación Tecnológica TECNALIA.
  • Mr. Iñaki Goirizelaia, Rector of UPV-EHU
  • Mr. Txema Villate, Managing Director of Innobasque.
  • Mr. Iñaki Aretxabaleta, Managing Director of Regional Media for Grupo Vocento.
  • Mr. José Ignacio Arrieta, Chairman of the Asociación Vasca de Empresas de Ingeniería (AVIC).
  • Mr. Antonio Calvo, Chairman of the Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica (AECC).
  • Mr. Ángel Boixados, Chairman of the Asociación Española de Información Económica (APIE)
  • Mr. Jesús del Río, Chairman of the Asociación Española de Medios de Comunicación Online (MediosON).



Manufacturer of various products, specialising in the production of dies for the car industry. 


International engineering, consultancy and technologies company with more than 2,000 professionals.

Estanda Fundiciones

Quality solutions for the Cement, Car, Rail and Public Works industries.

FYM Italcementi Group

Italcementi Group is the fifth largest cement producer in the world and a leading company in the Mediterranean area.


Research and development for the industry and energy sectors.